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Lake Sonoma
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Hunting at Lake Sonoma

                                                    Lake Sonoma


                                            Pig Hunting Information


Archery and Crossbow Hunting Only.

Hunting dates are as follows:

Archery and Crossbow Only November 22, 2014- March 26, 2015

Hunters will initially be required to register for hunting at one of the following sales locations:

Lake Sonoma Marina, Park Visitor Center, Turra’s Back Room Archery Shop or West Coast Archery Shop.

Hunters may register in person Seven days a week from 9am-5pm at the marina 707-433-2200.

No registration at Park Headquarters!

NEW      Your hunting pass will be honored as a day use pass at Lake Sonoma meaning that you will not pay the $3.00 day use fee at the park while hunting. If you are camping, you still will be required to pay the camping fee and the privately owned marina fees still apply.

NEW      Liberty Glen Campground is now available thru reservations only with a two day blackout window. The campground gate is kept locked at all hours and you will be provided a gate combination when you make your reservations on www.recreation.gov or by calling 1-877-444-6777. We do not allow walk in camping at this campground however the Marina has both tent and RV camping available for walk-ins.

Previous years’ hunters must register for the 2014-2015 season.  The Friends of Lake Sonoma non-profit group will be coordinating hunt registration and will charge $35 to complete the process.  The money will be used for registration and educational material costs and for land stewardship within the park.

Hunters will be required to show a driver’s license, valid CA hunting license, and a pig tag. They will then be issued a hunting pass and given a brief orientation on hunting at the park.  There is no maximum number of hunters for this hunt. You will also be asked to fill in a hunter check in form on the days you hunt. Simply drop this in one of the park fee vaults when you arrive. You only need to drop off the second portion of the form if you get a pig. This allows us to keep track of how successful the hunt season is.

Lake Sonoma’s shoreline will be off limits from November 22 through March 26 to any vessel that does not display a 2014-2015 hunting registration sticker, or whose operator/occupant is not within shouting distance of the vessel. Any vessel not meeting these requirements will be considered “abandoned equipment” and its owner subject to citation ($150.00) and possible impound fees.

Stay within park boundaries even if an injured animal crosses onto private land. Park rangers may not see you but our neighbors do and they are very vocal in their disapproval of trespass.

Hunting stands and game cameras are permitted provided that they do not permanently scar the trees.

Hunters are subject to all park rules and regulations, all county, state, and local laws, and California Department of Fish & Game regulations

In accordance with California hunting regulations, feeding (baiting) of pigs is strictly prohibited.  

Dogs may not be used while hunting.

Hunters may not possess a firearm (including a sidearm) while in the field.

Pigs must be gutted at least 100 yards away from any man made structure, trail or campground. Do not dispose of entrails in garbage cans; leave them in the field to attract other boar.

Hunters are required to possess a valid hunting license on their person and have pig tags with them while hunting.


Commonly asked questions:

Where are the pigs?

A: Signs of pig activity can be seen in all areas of the park but to be successful hunter you will really need to spend some time in the field to see for yourself. The Hog hunting forum at www.jesseshunting.com is also an excellent source of information from both hunters and park staff.

Can I carry a side arm while hunting?

A: No, you will have to rely on your skill and judgment in making a shot with your bow or cross bow.

Can I use the fire roads and trails in the park?

A: You may hike on any fire road or trail at any time within the park to access hunting grounds. However you may not operate any motorized vehicle or use horses if the trails are closed for the rainy season. Also, you may not follow a fire road onto adjacent private property.

If I’m hunting for several days in a row, do I have to check in every day? 

A: No, you only need to check in on the first day of a multi-day hunt. We only ask that you drop your checkout card in a fee vault on the way out of the park so we can keep an accurate tally of how many hunters have participated and what kind of success rate you are having.

If you have more questions you can contact the park Visitor Center at (707)431-4533.


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