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Projects by Category

Ecological Restoration

Ecosystem Restoration is one of the primary mission areas of the Corps.  Our restoration projects seek to re-establish the attributes of natural, functioning and self-regulating ecosystems and the healthy hydrologic systems that support them. These restoration efforts often center on the creation of Riparian and Wetland habitats   these projects, as exemplified by the Hamilton Army Airfield Wetland Restoration Project, enhance biological diversity, restore vital hydrologic activity and contribute to the establishment of communities in balance with nature.

link: Projects for Ecosystem Restoration 

Maritime Channel and Harbor Improvements

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers’ mission to maintain and improve maritime channels and harbors dates back to the early history of the Corps.  Starting in 1824 Federal law authorized the Corps to maintain the Ohio and Mississippi Rivers as well as several ports.  This mission has expanded with the Corps responsible for maintaining 12,000 miles of inland waterways, 235 locks, 300 commercial harbors, as well as 600 smaller harbors, to date.   This mission is critical to the economy of the United States with 13,000 jobs relying on import and export trade.

link: Projects for Navigable Waterways 

Flood-Risk Management

Another of the Corps essential missions is managing flood risk through the construction of flood control protection projects. The Corps works with municipal, city and state partners to first assess the feasibility of potential flood control projects and then to build recommended projects. The Corps evolving understanding of sustainability has resulted in an emphasis on environmentally sensitive projects that work in harmony with the natural landscape.   In addition the Corps advises communities, industries and property owners on how to protect lives and property using non-construction methods through the Flood-Plain Management Services program. For example, the Corps encourages zoning regulations to prevent the building of communities in natural flood plains, they also provide guidance on implementing warning systems.

link: Projects for Flood-Risk Management