Horseback Riding

Looking for a place to ride your horse?

We allow horseback riding on the Kaweyo Trail which travels through our Wildlife Management Area on the East side of Lake Mendocino. We have two horse staging areas for your use.

Kaweyo Horse Staging Area

Located on the South end of Lake Mendocino just before you get to Chekaka Campground. The gate is almost always closed but never locked. This area allows you access to Coyote Dam and the southern Kaweyo Trailhead.

Campground Open

Bushay Campground Horse Staging Area

The other horse staging area is located at the Bushay Campground on the North end of Lake Mendocino. The camphost can direct you to the specific area. You are not allowed to stage your horses anywhere else within the campground or day-use area. This area is only open during the summer recreation season.

Campground Closed

Horse staging is allowed the rest of the year by parking outside the gate and riding your horses through on the main access road through the Bushay Campground.


Call (707) 467- 4200

US Army Corps of Engineers 

1160 Lake Mendocino Drive

Ukiah, California 95482

Trails at Lake Mendocino

Take a Hike


Fifteen miles of trail are available at Lake Mendocino. Our shorter trail is the Shakota Trail which follows the west side of the lake between the Pomo Cultural Center on the North and the Overlook Day-Use Area on the South. Our longer trail follows the east shore starting at the Bushay Campground on the north and ending at the Coyote Valley Dam on the south.  Continue reading for details on each of the trails.


Which Trail to Choose?

Kaweyo Trail

Kaweyo means "horse" in the Pomo language.

Length: 7 miles one way

Difficulty: Moderate to Strenuous

Horse and Mountain Bike: Moderate - 1 to 3 hours

Hiking: Strenuous - 4 to 8 hours

This trail is approximately seven miles long, 14 miles round trip. You can access this trail on the south end of the Dam or through the Bushay Campground on the north. This trail is rated as a moderately difficult . You will have opportunities to see wildlife and great views of the lake. Cougars and black bear have been spotted in the Wildlife Management Area and there are lots of rattlesnakes.

Shakota Trail

Shakota means "rabbit" in the Pomo language. See if you can spot any on your hike.

Hiking and Mountain Biking Only - No Horses or Motorized Vehicles allowed

Length: 3 miles one way

Difficulty: Easy to Moderate

This trail can be accessed either at the Pomo Cultural Center on the north end of the Lake or at the Overlook Day-Use Area at the south end. This trail is approximately 3 miles long, six miles round trip. It is rated as a medium difficulty trail with beautiful views of Lake Mendocino. Take a picnic and check out the old Grazini Winery located midway between the north and south ends.


 Don't Forget the 10 Essentials

  1. Extra Food and Water
  2. Rain Gear and Dry Clothes. (Don't forget your hat!)
  3. Map and Compass
  4. Flashlight with extra bulb and batteries
  5. First Aid Kit
  6. Waterproof Matches or Lighter
  7. Army knife or multipurpose tool
  8. Loud Whistle
  9. Space/Survival Blanket
  10. Sunscreen and Sunglasses

Cell phone reception around Lake Mendocino can be spotty.


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