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California Coastal Cleanup

                             Save the Date

                           30th Anniversary                   

                Saturday, September 20, 2014                      

                   3rd Saturday in September


On the third Saturday of every September volunteers all over the world converge on beaches, shorelines and inland waterways to pick up trash and remove dangerous debris. Considered the largest global marine-related volunteer event, Coastal Cleanup Day is a wonderful opportunity to lend a hand and make a difference.

All Marin County California Coastal Cleanup Day volunteers may join us at the Bay Model Visitor Center for a free post-event “Thank You” BBQ sponsored by The Sausalito Lions Club and Bay Model Alliance.


Over 35 Open Sites in Marin for 2014!

It's real easy to participate.

To register for Coastal Cleanup Day 2014 print out our Waiver form in English or Spanish and show up at the site of your choice on September 20, 2014.

Sites in GREEN need volunteers. Please click on the link for information.
    Sites in
RED are full. Please choose another location.

Sites in BLACK are still being confirmed.




                                                    Marin County 2013 Results:                                                               

                                                    Number of Volunteers: 988                                                               

                                               Pounds of Trash Collected: 4,635                                                               

                                            Pounds of Recyclable Materials: 998                                                              

                                                   Distance Covered: 49 miles


                                                   Marin County 2012 Results:                                                               

                                                  Number of Volunteers: 1,915                                                               

                                             Pounds of Trash Collected: 19,361                                                               

                                          Pounds of Recyclable Materials: 2,767                                                                

                                                   Distance Covered: 99 miles


    Follow the link below to view the official California Coastal Cleanup Day for more detailed information: