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The Hopkins Fire has impacted Lake Mendocino/Coyote Valley Dam Recreation Areas. We are currently assessing the recreation day use areas along the west side of the lake. As conditions and resources allow, we will take inventory and begin the process of repairing and building with an eye for the future and what it means to occupy space within a wildland urban interface.

Our hearts go out to our neighbors that have had their lives altered by the Hopkins Fire. Our routine patrols take us through some of the areas that experienced devastation. Out of respect for those that are not able to return home, we will keep the details on the impacts to recreation areas at a minimum. The damage to the recreation areas pales in comparison to the loss felt by some of our neighbors.

Our primary concern is safety. Fire personnel and utility crews are conducting work that is essential to safely repopulating areas. The recreation areas on the north and west side of the lake are closed to allow these essential tasks to occur as well as keep the public out of harm’s way. We understand the curiosity to see the impacts of fire is strong. Please do not enter closed recreation areas. We understand the community values the opportunities the lake provides and request your patience as we work to make it safe for opening. Kyen Campground was closed due to storm damage to power infrastructure in the winter of 2021 – that opening will also be delayed.

We are grateful to the fire personnel from all over California, MCSO, CHP, and support staff that have responded to the various challenges the Hopkins Fire has presented. While the range of emotions upon seeing our changed community can vary by the hour, the idea that our community’s resilience will eventually bring peace to those who need it most, gives us hope.

Thank you
Poppy Lozoff
Operations Project Manager
Lake Mendocino/Coyote Valley Dam


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Welcome to Lake Mendocino

A Lake for All Seasons!



Looking for something to do? Try Lake Mendocino, an ideal venue for gathering with friends and family. Owned and operated by the US Army Corps of Engineers, camping, hiking, and fishing are just some of the activities available year round.


Looking for Peace and Quiet?

Looking for solitude? Try Lake Mendocino between the end of September and the beginning of May. Our number of visitors drops quickly after Labor Day weekend, leaving many of our trails, picnic areas and a few campsites open and waiting for you.





Try Fall, Winter, and Spring

Fall, winter and spring are also the best times of year to see wild animals and birds. Many birds stop to rest at Lake Mendocino while flying south in the winter and north in the spring. You can also look for signs of other wildlife including mountain lion, bobcat and black bear. 

Click on the cougar's head to find out what to do if you meet a cougar.


Have you every looked a fish in the eye?  Visit the Coyote Dam Steelhead Egg Collection Facility from January through mid April to meet one in person. Daily sorting and Thursday fish spawning is brought to you by California Department of Fish and Wildlife.

From April through November visit the Pomo Cultural Center on the north end of Lake Mendocino. The Center has exhibits on Pomo dancing, hunting and baskets.





Maybe Summer is Your Thing

If boating is your passion, summer may be the best time for your visit. June, July, and August are the busiest times to come to Lake Mendocino. There is still a chance to have a little of the lake to yourself if you plan your visit during the week rather than the weekend.