2022-2042 Strategic Plan

Since 1866, the San Francisco District has served the waterways and national security needs of the region and the Nation with world-class expertise and superior quality products. We will build on our legacy by developing bold solutions that improve community, economic, and environmental resilience in the face of climate change, drought, flood, fire, earthquakes, and dwindling critical species and habitat. This Strategic Plan outlines how we will develop our team, partnerships, and portfolio to meet future needs and lead regional climate adaptation. Essayons! 


Deliver safe and innovative navigation, flood risk, ecosystem restoration, and government facilities solutions and support for the Nation. 


A trusted, talented, and capable District efficiently, sustainably, and equitably delivering our mission portfolio for the Nation's prosperity. 


At the San Francisco District, we seek to employ the Army values of:

  • DUTY

in everything we do for the public we serve.

Strategic Goals

     1.  Build Trust, Build Talent, and Build Capability - We will attract and develop a diverse, inclusive, and representative workforce with the expertise and ambition to deliver, operate, and permit projects for our partners, stakeholders, and the Nation. We will experiment with new approaches, share what we learn, and problem solve collaboratively.

dredge on the water     2.  Efficiently Deliver a Multi-Benefit Navigation Program that Preserves the Environment - Maintaining and protecting our federal ship channels enables an efficient and environmentally-sustainable sea-transport system for critical commerce. We will deliver that, while protecting species, ecosystems, and maximizing beneficial use of dredged sediments.

     3.  Deliver Large-Scale, Multi-Jurisdictional, and Multi-Benefit Sea Level Rise Adaptation Projects - Leveraging our federal authority, regulatory mission, and enterprise expertise, we will enable and deliver scientifically-rigorous solutions to build resilience against sea level rise. We will reduce flood risk by partnering with other agencies on projects that often cross municipal, county, and agency jurisdictions.

  woods and tree stumps in a creek    4.  Maximize Engineering with Nature Solutions - We will lead the region in the intentional alignment of natural and engineering processes to deliver and permit projects providing economic, environmental, and social benefits, efficiently and sustainability.


     5.  Build Community and Infrastructure Resilience to Western Extremes - Western extremes are only exacerbated by climate change. We will meet an increasingly complex risk landscape with urgency and innovation. We will demonstrate how tools like Forecast Informed Reservoir Operations can improve water supply, flood risk management, habitat, and recreation through interagency collaboration and data-informed decision making. We will help the region manage, mitigate, and respond to hazards.

     6.  Deliver Value and Benefits Equitably - We will take thoughtful, authorized collective actions to remove barriers for, increase participation of, and equitably deliver benefits to historically-marginalized communities throughout our mission areas. We will respectfully meet our federal trust responsibility to Tribes.

     7.  Support to Our Enduring National Security Requirements - Consistent with our storied history, our professional, trained, and ready work force will support our Nation and our Army in emergency and security response. We will deliver Veterans Affairs facilities, honoring commitments to former service members.

As the executive leadership, we fully endorse the vision, mission, and goals outlined for our District and ask all team members to join us in meaningfully shaping how we respond to the Nation’s toughest challenge yet.

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