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RDMMP Public Meetings

The San Francisco District will hold a public meeting Friday, July 19 from 10 a.m. to noon at the Federal Building located at 90, 7th Street in San Francisco to provide additional details about the process for completing a Dredge Material Management Plan and to provide a forum for public comment and recommendations about the scope of this effort. The Corps seeks public input as we develop the Project Management Plan for the San Francisco DMMP.

PLEASE NOTE: The public comment period has been extended to Thursday, Sept. 19, 2019. Send comments to








What is a Regional Dredge Material Management Plan?

The Corps of Engineers' mission to maintain safe and efficient navigation in the San Francisco Bay has been complicated by a budget that has not kept pace with the rising costs of dredging.   A key mission component is to develop a long-range plan for the placement of dredged material or what is known as a Dredge Material Management Plan or DMMP.  The San Francisco District has begun a regional approach to this that encompasses the 12 federally authorized channels in the Bay Area. 


The San Francisco District recently completed preliminary assessments for the six deep-draft navigation projects of Oakland Harbor, Redwood City, Richmond, San Francisco Main Ship Channel, San Pablo Bay and Suisun Bay.   Preliminary assessments for the additional authorized channels -- Larkspur Ferry Channel, San Rafael Creek, Petaluma River, Napa River, Suisun Slough Channel, Jack D. Maltester Channel (San Leandro Marina) and Mare Island Strait will be completed in the next year. 

Preliminary assessments consist of a cursory revalidation of continued federal interest and of sufficient material placement capacity for, at a minimum, the next 20 years.  The assessments identify the interdependence of these projects given the current portfolio of shared placement locations.  Because of this, the San Francisco District is pursuing a single Regional Dredged Material Management Plan (RDMMP).  Currently, there are two active upland placement sites, four in-Bay sites, two sites just outside the Bay and the San Francisco deep ocean disposal site, 50 miles from the Bay.  Through these preliminary assessments and with the current regulations covering dredged material disposal, the District has concluded that a DMMP is necessary to address future placement capacities at these sites.

The District believes that future dredged material management will play an integral role in developing coordinated efforts that will allow for continued safe use of the federal channels and support ecosystem restoration and enhancement activities led by other agencies. 


San Francisco Bay Regional Dredged Material Management Plan (draft Project Management Plan)

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