Civil Works Projects


I - General Investigations
CAP - Continuing Authorities Program
C – Construction, General
FPMS - Floodplain Management Services 
O&M – Operation and Maintenance
PAS - Planning Assistance to States


Projects & Planning General Info
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Navigation Projects

Maritime Channel and Harbor Improvements
The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers’ mission to maintain and improve maritime channels and harbors dates back to the early history of the Corps, starting in 1824. It is responsible for maintaining 12,000 miles of inland waterways, 235 locks, 300 commercial harbors, as well as 600 smaller harbors, to date.  
Bodega Bay                           
Monterey Harbor                
Moss Landing Harbor            
Napa River
Petaluma River O&M               
Redwood City Harbor             
Richmond Harbor               
San Francisco Bay LTMS 
San Joaquin River (Port of Stockton)
San Pablo Bay & Mare Island Strait             
San Rafael Creek               
Santa Cruz Harbor               
Suisun Bay Channel