"The San Francisco District was established in 1866 when the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers designated Maj. R.S. Williamson Officer-in-Charge for river and harbor work on the Pacific Coast. From his office in bustling San Francisco, Williamson and his subordinates boasted engineering responsibility for the entire Pacific Coast west of the American Rocky Mountains.

In those times, the district extended from the border with Canada to the border with Mexico, and as far west as Hawaii. Since those early days, the San Francisco District has been a part of remarkable milestones in history including the development of nearly every major fort and harbor at strategic points throughout the region, construction of lighthouses along the rocky and rugged Northern California, Oregon, and Washington coasts, provision of the land cradling the abutments of the iconic Golden Gate Bridge, and hundreds of infrastructure projects over the course of some 150 years that have improved the quality of life for millions of people.

As western states developed, various new districts were created to meet the needs of the local populace. Today, the San Francisco District comprises an area of operations along the California Coast from the south-central coastal region near Big Sur to just south of the California/Oregon border. Over time, the needs of the region have evolved, so has the San Francisco District. From dredging projects that protect commerce by keeping waterways navigable and safe, to comprehensive programs to reduce the impacts of development, and much more, the San Francisco District continues to deliver superior-quality projects and services, building on our long-standing record of excellence.

Although still commanded by a uniformed Army officer, the San Francisco District is comprised of mostly civilian personnel organized into elements, including Programs and Project Management, Engineering and Technical Services, Operations and Readiness, Regulatory, and Resource Management. Additional offices include the Office of the Executive Assistant, Office of Counsel, Contracting, Public Affairs, Equal Employment Opportunity, Internal Review, and Safety, with support from the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Logistics Activity (ULA) and the Army Corps of Engineers-Information Technology (ACE-IT).

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A History of the San Francisco District (1866-1980)

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