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Help protect your favorite lake

Don't move a mussel! Zebra and Quagga mussels pose a real threat to your lakes. Learn what you can do to protect your lake at the link below:

http://www.dfg.ca.gov/ invasives/quaggamussel/

Buy it where you burn it


Call (707) 467- 4200

US Army Corps of Engineers 

1160 Lake Mendocino Drive

Ukiah, California 95482

Welcome to Lake Mendocino

A Lake for All Seasons!


Looking for something to do? Try Lake Mendocino.Maybe you want a place to get together with friends and family or just some peace and quiet. Lake Mendocino is a great place to play all year long. Owned and operated by the US Army Corps of Engineers, camping, hiking, and fishing are just some of the activities you can do 365 days a year.

Looking for Peace and Quiet?

Looking for a place to enjoy some peace and quiet? Try Lake Mendocino between the end of September and the beginning of May. Our number of visitors drops quickly after Labor Day weekend, leaving many of our trails, picnic areas and a few campsites open and waiting for you.


Try Fall, Winter, and Spring

Fall, winter and spring are also the best times of year to see wild animals and birds. Many birds stop to rest at Lake Mendocino while they’re flying south in the winter and north in the spring. You can also come and look for signs of other animals such as mountain lion, bobcat and black bear. 

Click on the cougar's head to find out what to do if you meet a cougar.


 Have you every looked a fish in the eye? Come to the Coyote Dam Steelhead Egg Collection Facility from January to mid April to meet one in person. You may even get a chance to touch one. Daily sorting and Thursday fish spawning is brought to you by California Department of Fish and Game.

From April through November visit the Pomo Cultural Center on the north end of Lake Mendocino. The Center has exhibits on Pomo dancing, hunting and baskets.


Maybe Summer is Your Thing

Are you just looking for time to take your family out on the boat? Maybe it's time for the family reunion. Then summer may be the best time for your visit. June, July, and August are the busiest times to come to Lake Mendocino. There is still a chance to have a little of the Lake to yourself, however, if you come during the week instead of on the weekend.

                                                             The Coyote Valley Dam Egg Collection Facility

The Coyote Valley Dam Egg Collection Facility is open from December through April for the winter steelhead run. Open daily from 8am to 4pm. Call (707) 467- 4238 to schedule a tour for you or your group (classes, clubs, etc).