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Flood Plain Safety

If you live or work in a floodplain, then you should know about your flood risk and the actions that can be taken to improve your safety and reduce property damage. 

We can help – through the Flood-Plain Management Services (FPMS) Program. 

The FPMS Program includes:

Technical Services
We can develop or interpret site-specific information on factors that influence flood flows and the character of potential floods. We can also provide information on significant natural and cultural resources within the flood plain and the potential for flood loss (property and public safety) before and after the use of flood plain management measures.
Planning Guidance

We can perform "Special Studies" on all aspects of flood plain management planning.  This assistance can range from helping a community identify present or future flood plain areas to a broad assessment of which remedial measures may be effectively used.

Examples of Special Studies:

  • Flood Plain Delineation/Flood Hazard Evaluation Studies
  • Dam Break Analysis Studies
  • Hurricane Evacuation Studies
  • Flood Warning/Preparedness Studies
  • Regulatory Floodway Studies
  • Comprehensive Flood Plain Management Studies
  • Flood Damage Reduction Studies
  • Urbanization Impact Studies
  • Stormwater Management Studies
  • Flood Proofing Studies
  • Inventory of Flood Prone Structures

The program also provides guidance and assistance for meeting standards of the National Flood Insurance Program and for conducting workshops and seminars on non-structural flood plain management measures, such as Flood Proofing.
Guides, Pamphlets, and Supporting Studies

We can conduct studies to improve methods and procedures for mitigating flood damages, as well as prepare guides and pamphlets on flood proofing techniques, flood plain regulations, flood plain occupancy, natural flood plain resources, and other related aspects of flood plain management.

For assistance, contact the Flood Plan Management Services Manager at
(415) 503-6854.