Acronyms List

A/E                  Architect/Engineer

ACFCA          Alameda County Flood Control Agency

AFB                Alternative Formulation Briefing

ARRA             American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009

ASACW         Assistant Secretary of the Army, Civil Works

ATR                Agency Technical Review

BO                  Biological Opinion

CAP                Continuing Authorities Program

CDFG             California Department of Fish and Game

DCA               Design-Construction Agreement

DDR               Detailed Design Report

DMMO           Dredged Material Management Office

DMMP            Dredged Material Management Plan

DPR                Detailed Project Report

E&D                Engineering and Design

EA                   Environmental Assessment

EIR                 Environmental Impact Report

EIS                  Environmental Impact Statement

ERDC             Engineering Research and Development Center 

FCSA              Federal Cost Share Agreement

FEMA             Federal Emergency Management Agency

FONSI            Finding of No Significant Impact

FPA                 Flood Prevention Authority

FS                    Feasibility Study

FSM                Feasibility Scoping Meeting

GFNMS          Gulf of the Farallones National Marine Sanctuary

GRR                General Re-evaluation Report

H&H               Hydrology and Hydraulics

HOODS          Humboldt Open Ocean Disposal Site

HTRW            Hazardous, Toxic, and Radioactive Waste

HQ                  Headquarters

IDR                 Integral Determination Report

JPA                 Joint Powers Authority

LERRD           Land, Easements, Rights-Of-Way, Relocation, and Disposal Areas

LPP                 Locally Preferred Plan

LRR                Limited Reevaluation Report

LTMS              Long Term Management Strategy

MLLW            Mean Lower Low Water

MOU               Memorandum of Understanding

NED                National Economic Development

NEPA             National Environmental Policy Act of 1969

NFS                 Non-Federal Sponsor

NRCS             Natural Resources Conservation Service

OMB               Office of Management and Budget

O&M               Operations and Maintenance

P&S                 Plans and Specifications

PCA                Project Cooperation Agreement

PDT                 Project Delivery Team

PED                Preconstruction Engineering and Design

PMP                Project Management Plan

PPA                 Project Partnership Agreement

PRP                 Peer Review Plan

RSM                Regional Sediment Management

QC                  Quality Control

SCC                California State Coastal Conservancy

SOW               Scope of Work

SPD                 South Pacific Division

SPN                 San Francisco District

VE                   Value Engineering

WAMP            Watershed Adaptive Management Plan

WIK                Work In Kind

WRDA            Water Resources Development Act