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Bay Model Resources

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 Bay Model Classroom




Our classroom has innovative resources for teachers and students to learn about the importance of our watershed and what we can do to protect it. This is a hands-on learning lab is where you can do water quality analysis and more. For more information about the use of the Bay Model classroom and education program please contact our Educational Coordinator Sandra Cannon (415) 332-3871.


 Educational Equipment


The Bay Model Visitor Center has a variety of educational equipment that can be used while visiting the Bay Model. If a group tour would like to use items like: water quality kits, electrical microscopes, and binoculars while visiting the model arrangement must be done ahead of time. Please call ahead when you are schedualing your tour to to see if those items you desire are available for your visit.


 Audio-Visual Library


The Bay Model Visitor Center's Education Department has a large collection of audio-visual material for use at the model. These educational videos deal with topics like:

The Bay Model Other Interests
Earthquakes and Floods U.S. Army Corps of Engineers
The Environment World War II and History

To view a list of the following videos with a short discription please select a category. These videos can only be viewed at the Bay Model, no public check out.