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Watershed Diorama

The Watershed Diorama was created to help students have a further understanding about how the ecosystem cycles in the environment. The Bay Model Visitor Center is pleased to give demonstrations to visiting groups and is willing to lend their Watershed Diorama on a case by case basis. If you are interested in borrowing the Watershed Diorama please contact Sandra Cannon for information and the Watershed Diorama Contract (415) 332-3781.

Instructions While Diorama Is Not In Use:

  • Always keep at room temperature.
  • Leave unplugged if not in use.
  • Always drain after use. With two people carefully place diorama upside down in a sink or other place to drain. Do not drain into cart.
  • Never leave unattended, (kids like to pull objects off the diorama)
  • Do not let anyone touch the objects on the diorama.
  • They may spray water on it to simulate rain and runoff of pollution.

Instructions for Use Please:

  • Plug drainage tube into connector on diorama through the hole in the cart and other side into bucket. Make sure the valve is in the closed (horizontal to the tube) position to avoid drainage.
  • Fill 1 gallon container with water, 3x’’s and fill reservoir that holds the pump in the diorama.
  • Plug in fog maker, rain maker/pump into electrical two way socket and plug into the wall (switches may be used independently or together).
  • To use the water-based dye apply with small portions in areas of potential pollution with paint brush before turning on the rain maker.
  • Turn on rain to show storm drain run off into bay/ocean etc.
  • When finished, unplug all electrical items. Take them out of the diorama and place into the cart. Turn clamp to open position (vertical) on tube, drain model into the bucket. Turn model upside down to drain excess water. Rinse paint brush. Clean all water-based paint off of the surface of the Model and cart. Store at room temperature. Never leave outside or unattended.