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eCoastal is a GIS data repository for the US Army Corps of Engineers San Francisco District (SPN). eCoastal utilizes spatial data standards, enterprising geodatabase development and desktop and web applications.

With eCoastal online, you can access GIS data via web mapping services as well as download bathymetric XYZ hydrosurvey data.

Both the eCoastal Geoportal and USACE Geospatial Platform allow users to view a gallery of premade maps.  They also provide access to web mapping services that can be used for creating your own maps without using GIS desktop software.

The public Geospatial Platform viewer provides geospatial data, services and applications for use by our partner agencies and the public.  Search for "SPN" to see maps and data layers specific to the San Francisco district.

eCoastal is a repository for all types of coastal and navigation geographical information including bathymetric surveys, navigation channels, dredging histories, coastal structures and project footprints in the vicinity of the San Francisco district civil works boundary.  Data produced by the San Francisco district engineering and technical services division is based on Spatial Data Standards for Facilities, Infrastructure and Environment (SDSFIE).




USACE San Francisco Civil District

eCoastal Maps

Delta Project Overview
SF Bay Project Overview
SF District Navigation Projects Overview


Sediment Sampling Data Templates

Visit the San Francisco Bay Dredged Material Management Office (DMMO) website at http://dmmosfbay.org/ to view or download sediment sampling data.  Templates and a user manual are available in the "Resources" section. 

Templates for Sediment Sampling Data outside the jurisdiction of the DMMO are available in this package of zipped files. 

  • Out of Bay Modified DMMO Templates.zip (1MB)


Related Links


Hydrosurvey website

Visit the Hydrosurvey website to download the most current bathymetric data for San Francisco District’s dredging program. Survey xyz files are posted immediately after processing the data.

eCoastal National Program

Visit the eCoastal Program page of the Mobile District’s Spatial Data Branch to learn more about the national eCoastal GIS data management system, GIS toolbars, database upgrades, and training.



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