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Posted 7/17/2013

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By Ryan McClymont

SAN FRANCISCO - The San Francisco District hosted the American Society of Civil Engineers’ “Evening with USACE” July 17.  Almost 30 young engineers from ASCE and the Society of American Military Engineers attended the event, representing 15 different local organizations.  

     This is “a great opportunity to showcase the important missions of the Corps in the Bay Area and throughout the Nation,” said Rachel Coyner, a district project engineer and the event coordinator.  “Many people may have heard of the Corps, but they don’t realize we play such a large role in everything from recreation to disaster response.”

     The evening started with a networking and socializing reception, followed by a presentation from Lt. Col. John K. Baker, San Francisco District Commander, on the district’s mission, vision and campaign plan.  After a question and answer session the event concluded with a walking tour of the district’s offices and facilities.   

     “I got so much positive feedback from ASCE members,” said Coyner. “I think it gave everyone a unique perspective on the history of the Corps and our current projects in the Bay Area.”    

     This perspective was emphasized in Baker’s  presentation by highlighting how San Francisco District "Solutioneers" have brought value to the Nation by managing aquatic resources, reducing flood risk, providing recreation opportunities, and keeping commerce moving through debris removal and dredging operations.