Author: Nick Simeone
  • August

    'Milestone' Achieved in Protecting Bay Area from Sea Level Rise

    A long-running effort to protect a flood-prone area of the South San Francisco Bay -- home to millions of people and the world's most profitable companies -- from sea level rise has reached a milestone now that federal funding for the project has been assured.
  • South San Francisco Bay Shoreline Project Moving Forward

    The South San Francisco Bay Shoreline Project, intended to provide flood protection in a densely populated area of the South Bay from Palo Alto to San Leandro, is moving forward now that $177 million in federal funding has been secured.
  • July

    Reducing Flood Risk: San Francisco District Tackles Multiple Bay Area Flood Challenges

    The Corps of Engineers San Francisco District is working across the Bay Area to provide protection to communities vulnerable to coastal flooding and predictions of sea level rise.
  • September

    Projects Progress at Strategic MOTCO

    Approaching the Army’s Military Ocean Terminal Concord, you would never know that this rural stretch of land some 30 miles east of San Francisco bordering Suisun Bay is the base that serves as the Defense Department’s West Coast platform for supplying ammunition to U.S. forces in Asia.
  • August

    San Francisco Hydrologist Recognized for Expertise in Assessing Sea Level Rise

    U.S. Army Corps of Engineers hydrologist Patrick O’Brien has been awarded the agency’s Climate Champion award for his expertise in assessing how sea level rise will affect vulnerable infrastructure.
  • May

    Readiness chief is well prepared for the next quake

    Duke Roberts is chief of readiness for the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers San Francisco District. His job is to make sure his agency is prepared to respond to natural disasters including the kind never far from the minds of San Franciscans: earthquakes.
  • It's All About Water for San Francisco Regulatory Staff

    "Water affects everything we do in California," which is why, according to Sahrye Cohen of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers San Francisco district, "the Corps' main regulatory goal is to balance impacts to aquatic resources and the environment with the ability to have appropriate develpment in the Bay Area."