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4th to 6th Grade Tour


                                                            4 - 6 Grade Student Tour Guide

                                                                         Student Glossary

Dear Teacher:

Attached is a copy of my Bay Model Activity Tour for your review. I hope you find it enlightening and fun. It isn't meant to be a test. It's designed to be an enjoyable learning tool for teachers as well as students.

Most of the answers are somewhere in the activity. Some of the answers are very obvious and others are simply woven into the text. Some of the questions are meant to encourage the kids to explore the exhibits and other questions are intended to provoke food for thought. Some of the choices are funny in an effort to keep the activity light and interesting. I expect that some of the kids will knowingly choose the silly answers. That's OK because if you challenge them they will most likely produce the correct answer. By the time they're all done with the activity...they will know the important essentials regarding our watershed from the mountains to the sea.

Have the children pair up and work together in very small groups. This will make the activity more fun.

They may have a little difficulty finding the Slide Rule even though it's rather large. They may ask you for help. So, after you leave the theater, just continue on toward the far end of the overlook and you’ll see a banner that reads "Why Was The Model Built.” The over-sized slide rule is mounted on the short wall all the way in the back behind the round table-like concrete tactile sculpture of the Model. If they head down the spiral ramp they’ll miss it. It does work and there is a little exercise that will prompt any of your math inclined kids to try it.


Ranger Linda M. Holm

PS: When you open the Glossary of Terms continue to scroll through it. I added some factoids, classroom activity sites, and some great watershed websites to explore!

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