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School Field Trip Guidelines

Reservations: Please call (415) 332-3871 between 8:00 am and 4:00 pm to reserve programs (at least three weeks in advance).

Grade range: K through 12th
Group size: 10 to 35 children
Chaperone requirements: 1 adult per 5 children
Program times: 10:00 am and 1:00 pm
Program length: Approx. 90 minutes
Cost: Donations (support our environmental education programs) are gladly accepted.
Accessibility: The Model and visitor center areas are wheelchair accessible.
Nametags: Please have students make nametags to wear during their visit.

Do’s and Don’ts –

Please do:

  • Allow extra driving time, as Bay Area traffic is unpredictable (group arrivals later that 30 minutes, after their scheduled time, may be cancelled).
  • Allow time for children to use restroom facilities upon your arrival.
  • Advise chaperones of their duties: keeping the group together and maintaining order at all times.
  • Encourage students to respect others by raising hands for questions or comments.
  • Call the Bay Model immediately to cancel or reschedule, if your plans change.

Please do not:

  • Allow eating or drinking inside the model.
  • Allow students to step over foot barriers onto the model or touch the water.
  • Allow running inside the model or visitor center areas.
  • Allow students to use interactive exhibits during the program unless directed to do so.

Before your visit

  • Familiarize your students with a map of San Francisco Bay and Delta in relation to your location.
  • Discuss definitions of scale.
  • Examine current events involving water- related issues. (Middle and High School ages)
  • Talk about the uses of water and the importance of water quality for human, agricultural and environmental uses.

During your visit (before or after your program)

  • Allow students time to use interactive exhibits in the Model area.
  • Have students visit the Marinship Exhibit and write down one item to share with the class on a later day.
  • Use the picnic area in front of the model for your lunches (no covered areas are available for foul weather.)


Bay Model Visitor Center

2100 Bridgeway

Sausalito, CA 94965

Phone: 415-332-3871

Fax: 415-289-3004

Our Educational Programs



The Bay Model offers a unique opportunity for students to learn about the geography, topography, ecology, and the human and natural history of the San Francisco Bay and Delta. The dynamic nature of the model allows students to observe tidal action and visualize currents and eddies, as they would actually occur in the Bay and Delta. Ranger guided tours are available by reservation for students Kindergarten through University level.

Specially Designed Programs
To meet the needs of your group the Bay Model Visitor Center provides a park ranger with specific information on various area of the environment. The ranger will assist in providing a program for you and your pre-scheduled group and/or open audience. There are also new specialized programs designed every month that are usually offered only once. Please check on our bi-monthly calendar located on our website for these programs.

To learn more about special tour please click the following link to
The Bay Model Journey under Visit the Model!