Supplemental Environmental Impact Statement/Subsequent

Cover, Table of Contents, and List of Acronyms and Abbreviations

Executive Summary

1.0 Introduction and Purpose and Need for the Action

2.0 Alternatives

3.0 Affected Environment and Environmental Consequences

3.1 Physical Characteristics

3.2 Biological Characteristics

3.3 Human Use Characteristics

4.0 Other Required Analyses

5.0 Public Involvement

6.0 List of Preparers and Distribution List

7.0 List of Agencies from which Permits are Required

8.0 References

Appendix A Covers and Records of Decision from Past EIS and SEIS (1980, 1986)

Appendix B 404(b)(1) Alternatives Analysis (2011)

Appendix C Fish and Wildlife HEP Report (2010)

Appendix D Draft Fish and Wildlife Coordination Report (2011)

Appendix E Draft Sacramento River Deep Water Ship Channel Limited Reevaluation Report (LRR) With-Project Economic Analysis (2011)

Appendix F Navigation Study for Sacramento Deep Water Ship Channel Improvement Data Report (2010)

Appendix G Utility Investigation Report (2010)

Appendix H Opportunities for Beneficial Use of Dredged Material Report (2010)

Appendix I Placement Site Summary Table (2010)

Appendix J Hydraulics and Hydrology Report (2010)

Appendix K Sacramento DWSC Modeling Results Summary (2010)

Appendix L Summary of the Sacramento DWSC and San Francisco Bay to Stockton Navigation Project Alternatives Modeling Report (2010)

Appendix M Sediment Quality Report (2010)

Appendix N 2008 and 2009 Water Quality Monitoring Reports (2008, 2009)

Appendix O Vegetation Report (2010)

Appendix P Air Quality Analysis Report (2010)

Appendix Q Hazardous, Toxic, and Radioactive Waste Report (2009)